{Oh Baby! Week 40}

Oh no.

We are in overdue mode.

I know that technically I am not overdue since it is a mere two days after my due date and due dates are only an estimate.

However, with all the worry over a premature baby, I am surprised to be here.

I am trying to maintain a thankful heart.

God spared me from a premature baby and has allowed her to grow healthy and full term!

What a blessing!

We have been able to accomplish more than we thought on our home, thanks to this delay.

I sewed for four hours straight yesterday to finish the baby banner and the kitchen curtains!

The bouncer is ready.  The stroller is ready.  The hall closet had time for a quick reorganization.  

Clothes have been set out for the hospital trip.

I was able to watch the finale of Once Upon a Time. EEK!

We have stocked up on groceries (twice now) and on gas (twice now).  I am hoping though, that I don’t have to do either of those errands again before her arrival.

Truly, I am thankful for the time we have been given to prepare.

Last night I felt some contractions for about an hour and a half, but they went away . . . sad.

I am the last in a close group of friends who were all pregnant together.  All eyes on me. No pressure.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Primrose Oil. Some absurd “curb walking” and even a few jumping jacks have all been a part of my routine the past two days. 

But, you know what’s cool?

God knows when she is coming.  He is in control.  In fact, He knew her birthday before she was even conceived.    What a wonderful thought.  What a comforting thought.  

My next appointment is scheduled for Monday and I am praying that I don’t make it to that point.

I am ready.  Bring on the pain!

OK.  I admit it . . . I am still a wee bit terrified of labor . . . just a wee bit.

Maybe May 16th will be our lucky day?  Only the good Lord knows!

{When do you think baby girl will arrive?}

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