{Butterfinger Bars in the Freezer}

Why do I love him?

Because he brings home Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars.

Is Butterfinger my favorite?  No.  Do I care?  No.

I teased about needing ice cream.  It was almost 90 degrees here yesterday, folks.

While I love the heat, pregnancy (especially the five days from due date kind) makes it a little more difficult to endure.

So, hubby planned to get Ice Cream bars at the store on his way home from the gym.

When he walked in to find me sweating white building a storage unit for baby girl’s closet and then saw my face drop when I realized he had forgotten the ice cream bars, he sent me outside in the cool shade of our backyard to wait for him while he ran back to the store.

Now, of course I didn’t wait very well and may have gone back inside since dinner was in the oven and all, but his concern was so sweet.  

Quick as a flash he returned and he didn’t bat an eye when I opened a bar, plopped on the couch, and ate it . . . with dinner just a few minutes away.

I love him, and Butterfinger bars in the freezer is just one example of why.


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