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life rearranged

Hubby will be home the whole weekend to help with projects!

We might even throw a little impromptu garage sale tomorrow morning.

This week has been crazy, but beautiful.

I started walking again.  I explored my new neighborhood.  I could walk every day for months and go a different route each time; there are so many different streets.  The best part?  All of them have this view.

 Speaking of views, I am loving the one from our bedroom window.  Can’t be beat.  The Lord knows my need for green and for mountains.  He knows I often miss my nor-cal scenery.  As Anne of Green Gables once said, “If I didn’t live where there were trees, something vital in me would starve.” My thoughts exactly, Anne.

 I finally got to see my cousin/maid of honor/friend for life!  She came up with her mom and helped me unpack.  Isn’t she cute?  On the other hand, I look like a pregnant oompa loompa.  My maternity shirt does not even meet my maternity pants in this pic.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, “Ay Carumba!”

 Enjoying time with the world’s cutest nephews.  My brother and his wife have been so helpful this past week.  Even with two little ones they have managed to help us pack, move in, unpack, and more.  They even brought us dinner last night.  What a blessing.

 No work= yummy lunches.  I actually have time to cut strawberries and mix some greek yogurt and granola together.  It was miraculous.  The next day I chopped and added pineapple (my fave) and it was oh-so delicious.

 We took about a 40 minute break last night to eat, drink cocoa, and watch Clean House on netflix.  Watching that show made me feel better about the state my house is in.  At least we have an excuse! Look at that belly!  Makes me think of this song: “How low can you go?  Can you take it to the floor?”

 No work = lunch dates with hubby.  We escaped to one of our favorite little spots.

 A happy corner of our home.  I rummaged around for a few decorative items and made this happy spot.  Bright teal and green? Yes, please.  Sunlight flowing in? Amen and Amen.

Now it is full steam ahead to the weekend.  

I have a mani/pedi planned (I have this strange obsession with the need to have perfectly groomed toes for my child’s arrival.  Don’t ask me why.  I have no idea).

We will be working on baby girl’s room and touching up some paint.

We will be ordering a new washer and dryer! (sold the old ones last night. woo hoo)

We will be busy.  We will be thankful.  We will be hoping that baby girl stays comfy in her little nook for one more week.

{What are your weekend plans?}


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