{Oh Baby! Week 38}

Week 38 was a crazy one. 

It involved the following:

1. My last week at work
2. Packing up our old house (shhh . . . don’t tell the landlord about the trailer on the lawn).

3. Painting, cleaning, and preparing the new house

4. Moving (this isn’t even all of it . . . eek!)

5. Many errands
6. The Stitch Market

 It’s no wonder that with all of that excitement baby girl has been SUPER active and mama has been SUPER tired.

When I say active, I mean multiple consecutive hours of crazy movement . . . zumbaesque movement.

When I say tired, I mean I took my first nap of my pregnancy yesterday.  If you know me at all, you that me napping is a momentous occasion.  It was definitely a miracle.

I had an appointment on Monday . . . all is well . . . even though I gained two pounds in a week.  I maintain that it is muscle developed from ripping out carpet, painting cupboards, and carrying boxes . . . 

Really, I don’t mind.  I figure that I am so near the end what is a few more pounds going to hurt, eh?

However, I have begun walking again, now that life is a wee bit more settled and I am off of work.

My thoughts are now focused on when baby girl will make her grand debut.

I vacillate between wanting her to come N-O-W, so that I can ditch the discomfort of my enormous belly, and wanting her to wait as long as possible, so our humble abode can be more settled.

My doctor is going to be out of town at the beginning of next week. Sometime after that would be a good time for labor.  Although, I wouldn’t be stressed if she came while he was gone.  I have a “can’t I just show up at the hospital and someone will get her out because they do it every day” sort of attitude about the whole shebang.

We took bets at growth group about her arrival date and time, height and weight.

My guess is Friday May 11th at 7:30 pm, weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches long.

What’s your guess?


Everyone thinks I am having a boy because I am carrying so low.
Her head has been engaged for a few weeks now.
I have a few cramp-like contractions per day.
I have a bicornuate uterus.
I look like this:

(P.S. totally took this pic in the one corner of our house that looks semi-done and clean.  I even texted my mom after this to ask her where one specific candle was packed and then I found it and put it on that awesome teal candlestick. It made me feel accomplished)


2 thoughts on “{Oh Baby! Week 38}

  1. Oh, you're so close! Congrats on the new home and the new baby. Both projects always end up taking way more energy, time and money than you ever thought possible, but it's always worth it!

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