{A Busy Bee}

Forgive the lack of posts.

I have been dealing with this . . .

After spending a weekend and a week tearing apart our home and fixing it up, we moved in.  This was the scariest part.  Boxes everywhere.  Blue tape still lining the walls.  Nowhere to cook.  Scaaaarrrry!  

But, my BFF came up from Long Beach, my husband worked all hours, my mom came to visit, and many others offered a hand.  My kitchen cabinets are full and the counters clear.  There is a walkway through the boxes in the baby’s room.  The Master bedroom is livable.  

I am relieved. It looks manageable now.  I may not get it all done before baby girl comes, but that is ok.  We will make it work.

This is the other part of my life . . . waiting.  We are 12 days from the due date and I am wondering why maternity clothes are only designed to last 8 months? 

Baby girl is low.  Everyone assumes I am carrying a boy.  

It is exciting to think we will be welcoming our little one to a real home.  Her home.  What a sweet sweet blessing.

Now, it is off to unpack more boxes and throw some chili in the crockpot.

{What Unpacking or Organizing tips do you have?}


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