{Home Sweet Home: Before}

I thought I’d give you a little glimpse of the before state of our home.

It is currently in the “I’ts gonna look worse before it looks better” stage.

Here is what we have accomplished since Saturday:

1. Pulled out all the carpet.
2. Pulled out all the carpet staples and nails.
3. Pulled off all the baseboards.
4. Took off all light switches.
5. Took down all blinds.
6. Took out closet doors.
7. Took off shower doors.
8. Took off and sanded most kitchen cabinets and all kitchen hardware.
9. Weedwacked front and backyard.
10. Trimmed rose bushes.
11. Dropped off trash at dump.
12. Had rotting floors in bathroom replaced.
13. Put paint samples on walls.
14. Repaired, puttied, and sanded all cracks and holes in the walls and ceilings.
15. Vacuumed the laundry room.
16. fixed hinge of door into garage.
17. Called to have all utilities switched over to the new house.
18. Taped all the windows off and covered them for paint.
19. Took down ceiling fan.
20. Taped off the cabinets in the kitchen.

Praise the Lord for all of our wonderful family and friends who have been helping us so diligently.  I don’t know what we would have done without me.

Combine my ganrly allergies and the fact that I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and you can’t begin to imagine how grateful I am for the help.

I want to bring my baby home to a clean house . . . and we have to be out of our current rental in 7 days.  That is 7 days to finish the following list:

1. Finish taping for paint.
2. Wash all the walls to prep for paint.
3. cover floors for painting.
4. Paint ceilings.
5. Paint all closets, rooms, doorjams, etc.
6. Paint closet doors.
7. Paint cabinet doors.
8. Reinstall cabinet doors (possibly with new hardware).
9. Buy, cut, paint, and install new baseboards.
10. Clean and refresh wood floors.
11. Install vanity and toilet.
12. Clean and resurface bathtub.
13. wash and install blinds.
14. Buy and install curtain rods.
15. Buy and install shower rod.
16. pressure wash outside of house.
17. install all lighting and light switch panels.

This list does not include packing up my house (which I have not begun), moving, unpacking, or decorating!


What a wild ride!  Enjoy the journey with us as we update you on the progress of our little 816 square foot home sweet home.

 Groovy Tile.

 No one is getting through this door.  It is ancient . . . and solid . . . and sunbleached on the other side.

 Lovely, I know.

 Previous tenants ganked the ceiling fan . . . don’t worry, the owner reimbursed us.

 I like shutters.  I do not like giant, pointless bushes.

Screened in laundry room . . . with a key . . . fancy

 Wait . . . is that the side of the house?  Is that a window into the kitchen. Indeed. Indeed.

 Our “stage” , which it has been dubbed by friends.  Oh, and the stage has a trap door.  A trap door that no one can open.  A trap door that no one can open that could contain anything. Such as dead bodies, buried treasure, or an animal carcass.  I am hoping for option #2.

 Big, Big trees.

 Hubby’s happy place.

 Pretty, pretty views.

 I can’t wait until our crackerjack home is ready to move into!

{What was the biggest home project you undertook?}


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