{What I Made Monday: Recovered Ottoman}

A few years ago I bought this storage ottoman from Bed Bath and Beyond.
It has stuck around since I’ve lived in tiny apartments and houses ever since.
Hubby claimed as his shoe removal seat upon retuning home each day.
However, I have been slowly purging things from our home in an effort to simplify and minimize.
I kept eyeing the ottoman. 
Hubby was skeered . . . he didn’t want to lose his seat.
A genius idea struck as I was sewing baby items: why not use the ottoman to store baby toys or blankets?
After receiving my baby room fabric from Hawthorne threads, I whipped up a changing pad cover and pillow and then evaluated how much fabric was leftover.
Plenty was there, but not in one giant piece that would cover the ottoman. 
So, here is how I made it work.
  1. I cut the fabric to the correct height.  Make sure you leave enough excess for stapling to the bottom and inside of the Ottoman.
  1. Next I cut the fabric to the correct width to go around the ottoman.  I had already cut some squares out of the fabric, so I had to make two separate pieces.
  1. Sew the two pieces together with wrong sides out to hide the seams.  Make sure you measure where your seams should be to ensure a tight fit.

  1. Slip the fabric over the ottoman.  Pull tight and staple.  We like to staple the corners first (sort of like wrapping a present).
  1. Cut out a square for the top of the ottoman and make sure there is enough excess for stapling.  Staple into a hard surface.  Hubby also made sure to staple in a location that would hide the staples and protect little fingers.

Ta Da.  An adorable toy box ottoman out of items I already had on hand.  I hope she likes it!


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