{What I Made Monday: Changing Pad Cover}

I am still in the throes of preparing for baby.  Hence, all of the baby related {What I Made Monday} posts.

I think my favorite sewing project for baby so far is the one I completed based loosely on THIS tutorial.

My changing pad cover.

This may be because I am irrevocably obsessed with the fabric I chose.

Choosing fabric was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make as far as baby room decor went.

Since we aren’t using a bumper, I couldn’t really go with a pre-designed bedding set.  That left the options wide open.  Too wide open. I seriously almost had a compelte melt down!

Then, I found this fabric. The heavens parted.  I heard a hallelujah chorus. A beam of angelic light flooded my computer screen.

What could be more perfect for a girl with serious fabric-selection issues?! Of course they offered it in three background colors . . . which had me on edge for a bit.  I let hubby make the choice on that one.  My decision making skills had been overused already.

Seriously though, this fabric has every color and pattern you could ever want, including gingham (be still my heart).

This was a SUPER easy pattern and project.

I will recommend that you use thin elastic that stretches really far.  The elastic I used first left me smooshing my changing pad in half in order to get it inside the opening.

I had to take it out and use the thin stuff.  Then it fit perfectly!

I made myself one changing pad cover and we whipped one up just in time for my friend Emily as well (she had her baby three days later)!

This project has inspired me to make some crib sheets.  It would be basically the same pattern.

Since basic polka dot crib sheets have apparently been outlawed in the U.S. I found some inexpensive yellow with white polka dots and teal with white polka dots fabric at Wal Mart of all places!

This will augment the single orange with white polka dots crib sheet that I miraculously found on Amazon after a seperate search.

Now, when I will have time to sew these bad boys between moving into our new home, washing baby clothes, teaching full time, and all the other wifely duties that I love?  Who knows.

All in due time, I suppose!

{What are you making?}


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