{Insta -Sorta}

I am linking up with LifeRearranged again . . . and I even have one Instagram pic!  WOO HOO!

Instagram is available for Android now.  Learning to work it, however, is proving to be a challenge.  Hence the measly solitary insta-photo.

Here is my week via cell phone pics.

Washing baby clothes. Drying baby clothes. Folding baby clothes.  It makes my heart happy.

 Strong, manly hands cutting tags off of tiny, girly clothes?  Be still my heart.

 This rainbow of diapers makes me unequivocably happy.  C-U-T-E.  I can’t wait to see her little buns all wrapped up in these Flip covers.

 Someone had a sweet tooth and it wasn’t me!  Ok, ok . . . maybe I had one cookie . . . and maybe I had a piece of chocolate a little earlier . . . and maybe a small bowl of ice cream after school .

P.S. Like the sewing mat as a placemat?  Yup, kitchen table has become my permanent sewing station lately.

 Just what I needed.  Tea and Father Knows Best and motivation to finish a plethora of hats for the upcoming STITCH MARKET!  I hope to see you there.  It will be epic.

 Only two more weeks left at this joint.  Papers have been cleared . . . sub has been hired . . . plans have been made.  I think I can. I think I can.

 I forgot my water bottle one day.  I had to use this cup.  It was a gift from a student.  It is hologriphic.  Awesome, I know. Can you tell I teach 7th grade?

I am hoping all April showers this week (accomponied with sone gnarly thunder and lighting) will indeed bring May flowers for my little girl’s arrival.
{How was your week?}

life rearranged


12 thoughts on “{Insta -Sorta}

  1. 2 more weeks!! How exciting. There is something special about daddies folding little clothes.

    I love our Flips. I started CD late with our first – but in about 2 months we will be using them on our newborn too.

  2. Found you via UBP! Exciting for you to be so close to holding your little baby! I have 2 boys and a team green baby on the way in September! Such exciting times! Can't wait to see more about your family! Feel free to stop by and say hi!

  3. i found you on UBP. i loved washing all of olivia's clothes before she joined us.. that part was so exciting! I'm a teacher too… but i went back to work after almost 6 months at home with my baby 🙂 I'm following now!

  4. Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! What a precious gift you're about to receive…
    I just read through your “about me” page and I had to laugh when I read that you're a bookworm, idealist and planner, because that's totally me, too. I always wanted to be an English teacher, but now I occupy my time homeschoolin' kiddos. LOVE it!
    Following now and hoping your next few weeks are lovely and easy.

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