{My Indefinable Style}‏

I am linking up with Gussy Sews this week for a little fashion inspiration.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

She asked us to share OUR STYLE.
I decided to share my style via PINTEREST.
My CLOTHING BOARD on Pinterest is a perfect example of how I can’t exactly define my style.
I love variety.  I love color. I love texture.  I love pretty things.  I love funky things.  I love chic things.
For example.  I could totally see myself in this ensemble.  I would be frolicking barefoot through a field of wildflowers, which I would later press between the pages of my poetry journal.  You think I am kidding, but I definitely pressed flowers between the pages of my poetry journal at age 17. Nerd.  I know.

Then again, I could see myself commanding the classroom or business meeting in either of these numbers.  So clean.  So vintage.  Give me any outfit of Rachel McAdams in the notebook and I will love you forever.

However, I might want to rock this little number when I’m feeling wild.  Add a fun scarf to my hair, plop me in my mustang with the radio on and the window down.  I’ll drive too fast and I’ll love it.

Now, don’t forget that I can totally go trendy as well.  I totally dig a “cool” pair of jeans with some adorable boots, a loose tank, an oversized sweater, and some droopy accessories. 

Handmade also holds a place in my heart.  I’ll take a striped grey skirt with white tank and mustard sweater.  Pair it with some cute flats and a handmade headband?  Totally me?

Then there is the prep in me that got straight A’s and loves English.

The lesson to be learned here is cliché of course: Don’t judge a book by its cover!

I am sure that seeing me in my sunday best would keep people from ever believing that I’d be caught in ripped jeans, an old tank, stained flip flops and a greasy shop rag. .
But . . . you never can tell.
{How would you define your style?}

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