{Oh Baby! Week 35}

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is oh so faint and flickering.
It’s like almost being able to reach the cookie jar on the counter as a child, but your fingertips only graze it and you can’t grip the jar.
All I want is a cookie, or in this case, a baby.
My good friend Emily had her baby last week.  How the tears poured when I heard the news, and when I thought of her holding her precious baby, and when I saw them in the hospital.
Hubby asked, “What’s wrong, honey?”
“I don’t know.  I have no idea what emotion I am feeling; I am just emotional.”
Images of babies, thoughts of babies, diapers hanging on the line: all of these things tug on my heartstrings. 
I am starting to imagine her as an actual little person, not merely this unidentifiable creature kicking me at all hours of the day.
It’s amazing.  It’s getting closer.
I’ve been busy busy busy.
Spring break gave me the opportunity to work on some projects.
A boppy cover has been made.
A pillow was made.
A mobile is halfway done.
Diapers have been washed.
The car seat base is installed.
The crib sheet was ordered and washed and ironed.
There is still more to do: the washing of tiny clothes, the packing of the hospital bag, setting up the room in our new home (keys come next week!).
I am trying to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy.  I am trying to enjoy my baby girl’s kicks (even when they hurt).  Trying to focus on the miracle and not the cramps or constant bathroom trips, or inability to bend over, or the way I resemble a whale in every outfit I put on (don’t even get me started on the chaos and catastrophe that was Easter morning as I attempted to find something “pretty” to wear).  I am trying to survive 14 more days of teaching and a move.
I am trying to relish my alone time with my husband.
So, we took a mini-babymoon.  We spent the night in a nearby Danish town.  We ate abelskeivers.  We are danishes.  We ate sausage.  We got massages (my first ever!).  We talked in the car.  We ate ice cream.  We walked the beach on our way home.  We ate out at the new Olive Garden in town.  We probably gained ten pounds between us. OOPS. 

It was a lovely time to just BE together as we prepare to meet a little person that will most likely rock our worlds!
{How did you prepare for the arrival of your firstborn?}

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