{ A Prelude to Summer }

When I think of summer I think of long lazy days.
I think of sunshine and ice cold water.
I think of hiding in the shade from the heat of the day.
I think of fresh squeezed lemonade and flip flops.
I think of warm summer nights.
Even though many of these thoughts are no longer a reality due to where I live currently, I forever view summer in this light.  The light of my childhood, youth, adolescence, and young adult life.
I love summer.
It is my favorite season.  Or, at least Nor Cal summer is my favorite summer.
So, the fact that Tuesday night two weeks ago was warm enough for an outdoor s’more sesh, thrilled me to no end and reminded me of camping trips and backyard bbq’s.
Our growth group is on a break, but since we all love each other so much we couldn’t go without seeing one another and planned a fun night of fellowship.
We set the stage for some s’more making.

There’s my studly hubby doing manly things like starting a fire and wearing a flannel jacket and sporting stubble on his chiseled jaw. Rawr.


A few mason jars with tea lights to light the path.
All the essentials.
I taught everyone my melt the chocolate before you put it on the graham cracker trick; it was a big hit.

So was the Zilch machine that someone made. It involved a plastic bag and fire and is probably really good for the environment.
We moseyed inside for some game time and Farkle was a big hit.  I made the math teachers keep score since I hate numbers. 
The smell of campfire, the taste of s’mores, sitting outside in the fresh air, playing games.
It was a lovely night.
It was the perfect prelude to summer.
I am so ready for you to arrive.

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