{A Picture is Worth . . .}

Here we go again with my life in Cell Phone pics.

I actually have Instagram now, since it is available for Androids . . . WOO HOO!

However, I have no idea how to use it . . . BOOOOO!

So here is what’s up with me via the pics I snapped on my celly cell cell this week.

Trips to Starbucks have become few and far between.  Add together the fact that we need to save moola big time and that I can’t drink caffeine anyway . . . this was a big treat!  Seeing my beverage all wrapped up in a coffee cozy makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

 My car came out from under the cover for Spring break.  I missed you, baby.  I adjusted the seat a bit, but my belly is still pretty close and trying to crank that non-power steering wheel with a watermelon in the way has proven to be quite a challenge.  Don’t worry pretty little car of mine . . . we shall meet again.  (I apologize for the glaringly white leg . . . I’m not sure who it belongs to . . .)

 I started on my baby book this week, which includes ultrasound pics and baby shower mementos.  This portion of an advice card from my High School BFF cracks me up. Love her.

 I was a sewing fiend this week and this was one of my accomplishments.  I keep panicking about not having certain projects done.  The changing pad cover was one of them.  Check that off the list. Phew.  Now, if all of our moving boxes could be magically packed and transferred to our new home . . . that would give me some peace of mind.

 This is a hilarious picture and probably one of my favorites of all time.  I walked downtown and back (about an hour round trip) and couldn’t help but be amused by my amazingly svelte silhouette on the pavement.  Awesome, right?

Well, that was my week.  Today, will be filled with the washing of baby clothes and diapers, sewing, cleaning, packing for a mini-babymoon with the hubs, and sending happy wishes to my good friend who had her baby last night!  

You may have heard me talk about the insane number of friends that are expecting.  It’s a domino effect and the first domino has now fallen.  Watch out world.

{How was your week?}

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