{Oh Baby! Week 34}

We are still head down and the head is “engaged”!  WOO HOO!

I am so grateful!

I know a lot of variables can come into play when it comes to birth, but knowing that I am not required to have a C-Section at this point makes me oh so happy!

I feel like we are getting so close, but the closer we get the slower the time passes.

Maybe it is because I am anxious.

Maybe it is because two friends had babies in February, two on Monday, one is in the hospital now and two more are due before me. hmmmmm. That could be why.

I want to see my baby girl.  I want to hold her.  Each time I see a picture of a baby or imagine our sweet girl in my arms, I begin to cry.  Hubby is highly amused by this sudden onslaught of emotions, but he still holds me and rubs my belly and calms my impatient nature.

Each day, when a new package of baby goodness arrives, I become more and more excited.

Besides, it would be awesome to get rid of the terrible back pain that has been plaguing me the past two weeks.

It would be lovely to be rid of the nausea that has suddenly returned.

It would be fantastic to be able to sleep.

I finally had a morning where I was able to fall back asleep after my six am bathroom break, which comes after at least four other breaks in the night .  I slept past 7am! So amazing.

I have been on a roll this week preparing whatever I can despite the fact that we are moving in about twenty-four days.

So far this week I made a changing pad cover, a boppy cover, a pillow, two pairs of baby pants, more triangles for the bunting I am planning, I started the baby book, and we recovered a storage ottoman. 

 I love the fabric we chose.  It is by Riley Blake.

 Oh look, how cute . . . the room is ready . . .

  . . . wait . . . what are all those boxes doing there . . .

  . . . ahhhhhhhhh . . . . the truth comes out . . . and it is skeeeery!

 Hubby helped with this one.  That man is a recovering genius!

Today, I plan to continue working on the bunting and to crochet a few hats.  I also still need to finish the mobile that is in the works.

Needless to say, I am loooooving my time off for Spring break.

It will be difficult to return to work for three more long weeks.  My brain is definitely elsewhere.  

My brain is thinking about wall colors for our new home, packing, projects for the baby, tiny clothes that need washing, a hospital bag that should be packed, and more. My brain does not want to focus on the proper use of a semi-colon or how to correctly cite a source in a Bibliography.

Perhaps it will distract me from my eagerness to have this baby.  Perhaps it will make time pass more quickly.


Five more weeks to go.


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