{A Titus 2 Tuesday . . . Again}

Titus 2 may seem short, but it packs a big punch.

Last week I talked about the women who act as Titus 2 women to me.

Today, I am contemplating the instructions given by those women, such as the one to . . .

“love your husbands.”

Sounds easy, right?

I mean, duh.  Obviously I love him because I married him, right?

However, what do I do on a daily basis that shows HIM that I love him.

I might know it, and I might think doing the laundry shows it, but does he get the message?

Today, while reading the chapter on marriage in my latest Elizabeth George obsession, A Woman’s High Calling, I came across this little nugget.

“Make a decision to pamper your husband every day . . . One way my daughter Courtney pampers ‘her Paul’ is by keeping balls of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough in her freezer . . .”

Instant inspiration and conviction.

You see, awhile back hubby kept the tub from an Otis Spunkmeyer purchase he made.

The softy couldn’t resist the little girl who came to his work to sell them.  He was sooooo  meant to have a daughter.

Anyway, he loved being able to pop those babies into our toaster oven and eat them with milk.

He saved the tub so I could make some cookie batter and freeze cookie dough balls to do that very thing.

However, I never did it. This was, like, over six months ago . . . ya conviction.

So, after reading that little blurb yesterday and with the whole week off for Spring break, I finally decided to do it.

The result?

A very happy husband and some incredibly tasty cookies to finish off a night spent recovering an ottoman for baby girl’s room and watching hubby blast homeruns at his softball game.

I love how making Him happy, makes me happy too. Convenient, eh?

{How do you pamper your man?}


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