{oh baby! week 33}

Another week has come and with it some new challenges.
 Baby girl has either lodged a foot within my ribs or bruised them pretty darn good with her impressive kicks, as I have had a consistent pain in that region for the past three days.
 I have been having some nerve pains down the insides of my legs as well, but they are few and far between, thankfully.
 Sleeping is still a challenge.  I honestly don’t look forward to crawling into bed.  Although I am waking up less in the night, getting comfortable is nearly impossible.  The tight, excruciating back pain that I wake up to is also a major bummer.
 But, you know what?  All in all my pregnancy has been pretty easy.  Sure the nausea has returned and I am tired beyond belief, but that is part of the gig.  I expected discomfort and pain.  It is all worth it.  Those difficulties are not fun, but being pregnant is. 

  Feeling that little life move within you.  Seeing her sweet face on the ultrasound screen.  Buying tiny outfits, sewing little projects, crocheting little hats, thinking up names, being showered by friends are the rewards for this trying experience.
 What a beautiful miracle.
 Speaking of beautiful, let’s talk baby products for a minute.  Remember when I posted about THIS purchase.  

Well, I thought I loved my Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag, until the new Spring line was released.  It came in my e-mail and destroyed my illusions. 
 Suddenly, orange, coral, and bright patterned diaper bags danced in my head.  In dismay, I contacted the local baby boutique where I had purchased my FIRST BAG to see if they would allow for a return.
 They would.  I miraculously found my receipt and made the exchange.
 Why?  It’s just a diaper bag, you might say.
 True, so true.  Yet, it is the one baby item that is really an accessory for mom.  It is probably the only new purse that I will buy for the next six to eight years since I don’t intend on carrying about a diaper bag and a purse.
 This style seemed so much happier, so much more me. Especially since I am finding that I am sort of obsessed with orange.
I didn’t have to worry about being gender neutral with this purchase like I was with the car seat, stroller, diapers, pack and play, activity gym, bouncer seat, etc. (more on those items later).  I could totally glam it up in this department if I wanted.
 Next, you will notice that switched styles. I purchased the boxy backpack rather than the Sashay Satchel.  I like the glazed material of this bag as it allows for easy cleanup, although Petunia is offering some glazed satchel styles as well now.  I like the fold out changing station.  I like that there is more of the print to catch the eye. I like that there are other petunia accessories in matching patterns.
 I am ecstatic with my new purchase and my mama even hooked me up with the matching nursing cover.  Score!

{So which Petunia bag would you buy?}


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