{What I Made Monday: Boppy Slipcover}

I finally had an opportunity to work on some projects for baby girl this weekend.

It felt so good.

My heart has been saddened by my inability to nest due to the fact that we are moving in one month.

I have watched the piles of baby gear stack up in our back room and have seen packages arrive at the front door without being able to put together, sort, or organize any of it.

It has been hard.

Working on some crafty baby room projects and beginning the process of narrowing down our “coming home from the hospital outfit” options has helped this nesting hole in my heart.

One of the projects from Sunday was a Boppy slipcover.  I am obscenely picky as I am attempting to find gender neutral patterns for items I know I will use again.  Most of the gender neutral stuff is blah or covered in fluorescent animals.  Not a fan.

I loosely followed THIS tutorial and came up with this boppy cover.

I thought the grey and white polka dots were gender neutral, yet cute and fun. I had bought the fabric about a year ago. I already had an extra zipper, too!  WOO HOO.

 As long as you can sew a hem, you are good to go on this project: SUPER EASY. The zipper could be tricky unless you’ve done a hidden zipper before.

 TA DA!  It was a tight fit, so I would definitely cut a little extra fabric next time.  I do plan on making another cover for when this one is in the wash.  I might even two tone it, with different fabric on each side.

All in all, I am very happy with my first attempt at making a Boppy cover!  


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