{Cell Phone Friday}

Linking up with Like Rearranged this week to share my week in cell phone pics!

life rearranged

I think I should save this message for when I am in labor.  It could be helpful.

 My brother’s band played at a local coffee shop.  They were great.  He has some serious singing and playing skills.

 My other brother came down to hang out and brought his sweet gf.  My other brother closely resembles Edward from Twilight in this pic.  Don’t tell him I said so.

 We visited a new soda shoppe in town.  Hundreds of sodas.  Plenty of decaf.  I think I will like this new shop.

 Fulfilling major cravings is such a sweet and lovely experience.

I had a little crocheting buddy this weekend.  My apprentice.

 Someone had fun watching daddy and uncle play Wipeout for Wii, which is a hilarious game, I must admit.

Someone is head down.  Someone has voluptuous lips.  Someone is making her mama paranoid with every cray movement because her mama is worried about he turning again. 

 Since my brother was in town with his girlfriend last weekend, we drove around in the Suburban so we could all hang together.  You know, on exciting outings to the Mac store, Target, and Trader Joe’s.  We are party animals.  The crazy thing is that we filled up the whole ‘burb!  Once baby girl is born we will either need a 15 seater van or separate vehicles.  I’m leaning towards the van . . .

 Nephew #2 learned to sit up.  This means he can soon learn to crochet as well and then I can have two assistants.  Perfect.

It was a lovely week.  I’ll be spending the weekend nursing hubby back to health, cleaning, and crocheting for the upcoming Stitch Market.  Only one more week until Spring Break!

{How was your week?}

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