{Cell Phone Pic Friday}

Here we are again.  Another Friday!  Hooray!

What am I looking forward to this weekend?  

A visit from my mom and Aunt.


A visit from my BFF!

My baby shower!

Our loan approval!

So much to look forward to.

Now let’s see what fun events brought me to this oh so exciting weekend! Here is my wek in cell phone pics!

 Hubby and I went to the drag races.  We took one turn and then remained on this road for two hours. Baby girl can’t wait to be her daddy’s pit crew!

SCULPT class continues to be my fave.

If I didn’t go to sculpt, then I couldn’t make afternoon stops here.

Remember how I told you that baby girl likes to nuzzle?  Here is exhibit A.

Here is exhibit B. She likes to go on both sides, which prevents me from figuring out her location through any form of baby mapping.  She is literally “all over the map”.

It may be time to switch vehicles.

Are you on Pinterest?  So many ideas, so little time. Follow Me!

I ordered a white ruffled crib skirt from Target.  According to the invoice they sent white.  According to the crib skirt, they sent pink.  I am coming to terms with the fact that it is my destiny to be surrounded by pink.  I should resign myself to my fate.

This is how you carry a hot pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup to your brother’s house.  Didn’t you know?

Can’t wait to meet our little one.

Link up with LifeRearranged for more cell phone pics!

life rearranged


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