{Shopping My Cupboard #2}

If you read my blog regularly, you know I have a frugal bone, or two, or two-hundred.

Pair that with being pregnant, getting my Master’s degree, buying a home, and teaching full time, and sometimes the desire to go grocery shopping eludes me.

When that happens, I shop my cupboard. Not only does this save me time and money, but it keeps me from wasting food and it opens up space in the cupboards. I guess that would make it a win win win win situation. Score.

This is not a picture of my cupboard in reality.  This is a picture of the cupboard of my dreams.

So, when I arrived home MONDAY night from a long weekend away, there was no way I was hitting up the grocery store.

I had some chicken left from a crockpot cooking right before I left. I whipped up some noodles and alfredo sauce with that and made us a quick dinner. It lasted two nights and one lunch. Perfect.

TUESDAY came around and we were busy BUYING A HOUSE and hosting GROWTH GROUP. So, we ate leftover sandwiches from lunch.

WEDNESDAY I had my Sculpt class until 5:30 – which totally kicked my butt by the way – and then childbirth classes at 6, so it was a can of tomato soup and some grilled cheese. I try to make sure that I always have a can of soup, bread, and cheese in the house for emergencies just like this.

THURSDAY, I baked the second half of loaf of French bread pizza I had purchased for hubby to eat while I was out of town. I paired it with pasta made from the leftover pasta noodles, one zuchinni that needed to be cooked ASAP, and two cans of stewed tomatoes, that had been sitting in my cupboard for ages, that I pureed and mixed with some olive oil and salts to create a yummy marinara.

TONIGHT is baked potato night (another great staple to have on hand in case of emergency) which will be paired with cheese (always on hand), a can of corn I bought on sale a few weeks back, and some yummy sauce.

All this without a trip to the grocery store this week! SCORE! The fridge and cupboard are starting to look empty. I still have a few sweet potatoes, some peppers, some canned beans, and a barley soup mix that can be worked into a meal. Not to mention the tri-tip waiting in the freezer for a good bbq day. The 80 degree weather over the weekend might be hinting that it’s time to thaw that bad boy and combine it with some sweet potato fries and grilled peppers! Although the frost on my car may suggest we will be getting a winter after all.

Typically I meal plan, but this week my cupboard did the planning for me!

{Do you shop your cupboard?}

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