{Oh Baby: Week 28 in Cell Phone Pics}

I am linking up with Life Rearranged today and showing you my 28th week of pregnancy via cell phone pics!

life rearranged
My mom had photos of me as a little girl out at the baby shower this past weekend.  It makes me wonder what baby girl will look like.

 We made cupcakes for the shower.  It was so fun.  My mom doesn’t need a special frosting decorating contraption.  A ziploc bag with a hole cut in it will work just fine, thank you very much.

 We went for a lot of walks up in the hills behind my childhood home.  It’s beautiful.  Hey Central Coast, this is what trees look like!

 I panicked about my baby shower outfit, so we went to Old Navy . . . a little early.

 Sending pictures of our baby girl to daddy while I was away.  I am to the point of pregnancy where even fitted shirts hover rather than cling beneath my belly. Flattering.

 Ahhhh Nor Cal.

 Just a little snack.  You know, the entire bag of crackers and carrots and the entire tub of hummus and an Izze and some water.  A light snack.  Ahem.

 My first time at the Crepevine.  Any dining facility with this many options on the menu has my instant approval.

 Driving in the car with this little fellow and his brother is always fun.  I’ll even forgive the pre-bedtime cry-it-out session because you’re so cute, sweet boy!

 Pink nailpolish?  Do my eyes deceive me?  This is pretty much as pink as it gets in these parts, so take a good look.  You may never see this color on my nails again.  I think all the girl hormones in me are messing with my brain.

 To water down the pinkness of the above picture, here are some pics I took at Target to prove that baby girl clothing does not NEED to be pink to be ADORABLE or FEMININE.

 Obsessed with grey . . . and stripes . . . so you can imagine my excitement.

 I love rompers!

 Coral is the new pink.

 I finished off the week with a long hike around (rather than up) one of the local mountains with my sis-in-law. It was beautiful and it felt great.  Although the soreness in my legs tells another story.

What else is new in baby land?

I have gained 17 pounds.

I am still obsessed with Mexican food.

Baby girl has been kicking like crazy ever since I freaked out last week about not feeling her.  I even went to the doctor and they hooked me up to the heart monitor machine.  She was fine, but it was so good to have the peace of mind.  I think little one felt guilty for making me worry because she is more than making up for it with her crazy movements.

In fact, she does this thing where she nuzzles so hard into one side that is protrudes in a freakish way.  As in my stomach is COMPELTELY lopsided and sooooo hard in one spot.  Sometimes she even manages to nuzzle in two spots, creating a valley where my belly button is.  Of course, this seems to suggest that she is breech.  Bummer.  Anyone else have an extremely lopsided, hard and tight, mound experience while preggo?  

Another appointment is coming up next week!  I am excited!  I am also so thankful that we have almost made it to 30 weeks with no signs of pre-term labor!  

We can do it.  Almost there!

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