{The God of Miracles}

Our God is a God of Miracles.

He performed one for hubby and I this past week.

I already posted about our housing dilemma, but if you didn’t read the post I’ll catch you up to speed.

Two weeks ago I received a call from our landlord’s secretary telling me that the landlord wanted us to move out (we have a month to month lease).  

This sudden notice was a response to a letter I had sent asking some questions about repairs and about whether hubby and I could take care of some repairs on our own or if the rental agency covered them.

It was shocking, upsetting, scary.  After all, I am 7 months pregnant!

So, after a night of tears I delved into the house hunting world.  I looked at rental after rental and became increasingly discouraged.

I knew in my head that God was in control and was working this seemingly difficult situation towards his good will and purpose.  However, my heart was having a hard time grasping this truth as I surveyed dirty rentals and overpriced condos.

God was working.

I went out of town for the long weekend, which required me to relinquish some of my control over the housing situation.  Hubby was assigned the task of viewing rentals.  He even took his mom to one.

Later that night, disgusted at the thought of us living in gross condos, she desperately searched for rentals.  After calling on one that ended up being too pricey, she was told by the landlord about a house that was coming up for sale in the neighborhood.

She told hubby.  Hubby told me.  I told our Realtor/friend.  That next night  the house popped up in our housing notifications.  You see, we have been looking at houses for almost a year.  Buying has been a dream of ours for awhile now.

So, we looked at the pics, read the stats, google-mapped the property and made a blind offer!  Yikes!

Two days later the property had an open house.  The Realtor asked that we view the property before they consider our offer.  I took some time off work and hubby went in late to work and we walked hand in hand into the little 817 square foot dream.

It met all our requirements.  We could feel the excitement building.  We could picture our little girl playing in the yard, cars being washed in the driveway, meals being cooked in the outdated kitchen.

Then we began talking with the Realtor.  It didn’t take long to realize that this home-selling couple were Christians.  True Blue, give-the-glory-to-God, Christians!  What a special experience.  We had a lovely time talking with them and they let us know that they had told the seller about us and our situation.  Then, they held our hands and prayed with us and our Realtor about the offer we had submitted.

What a crazy experience. None of the other homes we had put offers in for had been like this.  The whole experience seemed to be ordained by God.  It was.  It truly was.

Later that night we received a call.

A call that told us another offer that matched ours had come in, but that the Realtor felt that it was the Lord’s will for us to live in that house.

They accepted our offer. 

Hubby and I held one another, rubbed my belly and told baby girl that we were buying her a house, and we praised our Heavenly Father.

In two weeks time we went from an absolute low of being asked to leave out rental to an incredible high of finding a true HOME for ourselves and our little girl.  Not only did we find a home, but a home in our price range, with all the features we needed, and in our FAVORITE neighborhood!  

God is so good.  Why all those other offers we made didn’t go through, we didn’t know.

Why, on the day I was supposed to look at the one rental that seemed perfect, the owner decided not to rent it, I didn’t know.

Why, after hubby viewed another rental that looked good, I couldn’t get the owner to e-mail the application to me, I may never know.

I know this.  God was at work.  He was working all of these things together for GOOD.

What a precious gift from our Father!  What a blessing!

May we always trust in His infinite care and His perfect plan.

May we always praise Him and give Him the glory.  In good times and in trials.

He is God and He is good.



3 thoughts on “{The God of Miracles}

  1. Jenny,
    That is an amazing story. It touches me deeply. I know exactly how you feel only from the other side. As you know, we have been making payments, month after month on a vacant property which we love. It was to be our home 5 months of the year when we retire. But it makes no sense to keep it vacant for 4 more years. Spending all that money. I've been praying daily that God leads the perfect buyer to our little home. I know that somewhere out there, is a person or couple who needs that place as much as we did 5 years ago. Someone who will live it and care for it and make great memories in it. Just as you, your hubby and your previous baby girl will make in your sweet new home. Your story gives me some hope, affirmation really, that after 8 months of no results, God has a miracle for us as he did for you three. I can't thank you enough for sharing your story of hope, persistence, prayer and of God's perfect timing. Bless your new home and bless your precious family!

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