{Showered with Love}

I went home for a hometown baby shower this past weekend.

My mom decorated so sweetly.

 Here are the invitations I made based off of this.  Waaaaaay cheaper to make them myself.  As in $2 for 100 pieces of cardstock and 4 invites per cardstock that we mailed as postcards.

 Mini cupcakes for a mini baby.

 The sweetest sign and the cuties to go with it.

 decorative banners galore!

 I wonder if baby girl will look like me?

 Aprons to be decorated for baby girl.  Of course she won’t be wearing them until she is older, but what a fun gift.  She’ll be able to wear these when we bake together someday.  Love it!

 Pretty flowers.  Pretty glass. Pretty sunlight.

 Coffee or Tea, darling?

 Deliciously carbonated yet caffeine free beverages.

 Amazing food.  Cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, hummus, carrots, crackers, cheese, mini-quiche, bacon-wrapped dates . . . mmmmm mmmmmm good.

 Someone was really good at guessing my belly size.  This made me feel good, since most of the ladies guessed about three sizes too large! EEK!

 A handmade onesie from a dear High School friend!  Don’t you think she should sell these?  I think an Etsy shop is a definite must for her.

 Sooo many terrible awesome candid shots of me talking and reacting as I opened gifts.

 There must always be one baby present at a baby shower.  I’m pretty sure it’s a rule.  Crazy thing is, I remember holding the one who is holding the baby (my newest nephew).  Yikes!  They grow up so fast!

 Pregnant with my girlfriend from High School!  She made the adorable handmade onesies . . . and guessed the belly size. Hmmmm . . . wonder how she accomplished that?

What a special day with special people for a special occasion.  Baby girl, you are already so loved. You are also already verging on being more stylish than your mother based on the clothing you received, but we’ll talk about that when you arrive.

Thank you so much for the love that you all showered me and baby girl with!


One thought on “{Showered with Love}

  1. we played the “guess the belly size” at my shower too – my friend won and said she always measures around her own chest – which is hilarious because she isn't a big girl, just blessed in that department 🙂 such a cute shower, LOVE the cutie theme.

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