{What I Made Monday}

Our artistic sides came out this weekend as we tackled multiple painting projects.

#1 Hubby cut this board a few weeks ago. It was leftover wood from THIS project.

  There is this random nook in our kitchen (which would be perfect for a dishwasher, but alas, no dishwasher).  In the random nook is a board that supports our microwave and a bunch of empty, useless space beneath.  I covered it with THIS curtain awhile back.  We finally cut this board to make a second “Shelf” for the toaster over.  Hubby painted it to match the kitchen with leftover paint.  Next step is installing it. We’ll give it another three weeks and it’ll probably be done. 😉  YAY for more storage.

 #2 More frames!  I purchased these frames for $2 and under, except for the large 11 x 17, which was purchased to frame THIS special reading print for baby girl’s room.  Of course I didn’t take before pics because I am such an eager beaver, but two of them were oak wood grain, and two were hideous variations of plastic colors, but had great detail. So worth the $2 a pop!

 #3 Using THIS as inspiration, I made a couple canvases. Simple. Fun. I plan to add the word “you” in cursive to the pink version, but I need to practice my cursive and find the perfect pen first.  Imagine that! Me, being patient when it comes to a crafty project.  I am shocking myself here, folks!

#4 I have been wanting a letter A for baby girl’s room.  Why, you ask?  Shhhhh I’m not telling yet. I found one.  I also found the perfect shade of orange paint.  Ok, actually hubby found it, but I found the paint aisle in Michael’s.  Best part of the Michael’s trip was when I realized I didn’t have a coupon, bemoaned that fact in line, and then the woman in front of me gave me her extra coupon! SCORE.  Aren’t kind people so lovely?

Oh, and the blackberries were not a part of the art project.  They were, however, a delicious snack.

 What a studly painter.

 This next pic is awesome for a number of reasons:

1. I am in shorts and a tank top in January.
2. It shows off my super professional art studio and painting method.
3. I am in the most ladylike of poses.  This 6 month belly really didn’t leave me many other options. 

What is also awesome, that you actually can’t notice from the pic, is that I managed to squeeze into all non-maternity clothes.  WOO HOO.  ok, ok, I admit it; my shorts aren’t buttoned . . . or zipped.

 Here I am looking a bit more demure.  Perhaps I was inspired by the phrase I was painting: “It is well with my soul.”  I couldn’t paint scripture in the previous pose.

 I leave a mess in my wake when I craft.

I can’t wait to hang my {ahem} artwork!  

{What have you been Making lately?}

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