{Life Through the Eyes of my Phone}

I’m linking up with Jeannette over at LifeRearranged today! Um, by the way, check out the ADORABLE video she posted the other day. Soooooo sweet! life rearranged

Playing games with the hubby.  This is our $2 game of Sorry we bought at a garage sale . . . that only came with the Spanish directions.  

 Love hanging with my man.

 Have you ever seen Wipeout?  Did you know they make a Wii game for it?  My bro got it for hubs this Christmas.  It is quality entertainment.

 Cozy sweats. Cozy socks. Cozy blanket.

 Went to The Pita Pit with hubs and my BFF.  Can you guess which Pita is mine?

 My favorite card store.  Paper Sky.  Sigh.  One day, I want a craft room that looks exactly like this.

 MLK Day = lunch with hubby.

 More and More B-Ball.  Aren’t my little cheerleaders cute?

 www.moriahmakes.com highlighted a vendor who makes baby shoes, but My headband also made it into the pics! WOO HOO!

I love this taco truck.  I want this taco truck to follow me wherever I go.  Thank the Lord for Thursday Farmer’s Markets.

 I also thank the Lord for a hubby who will make a quick liquor store stop to grab me a Sprite when I am craving it bad!

It’s been a good week, but I am oh so ready for the weekend!

What are your plans?

life rearranged


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