{What I Made Monday}

I have been dabbling in the world of graphic design.

It began with an invitation (which I can’t show you yet since it hasn’t gone out and must remain a surprise a bit longer).

I wanted a cute, custom invitation based off something I saw on Pinterest, but not at $2 per invite!

So, I played around on the computer for a few hours and created my own version.  I loved it ten times as much as the $2 per invite one.  Even better is that with a coupon I purchased 100 sheets of cardstock at $2 and fit 4 invitations on each page. WHA-BAM! Can’t get much cheaper than that.  

So, anyway, back to dabbling in graphic design.

I decided to make my own art for the baby room.  I have a lot of ideas, but I knew there were a few phrases and verses that I really wanted on the wall.

Using this print from redletterwords as a template, 

I created this.

Then, using this image from pinterest as inspiration,

 I created this.

I took it one step further and created these from my brain.

They are listed in my shop right now!  Order them and I will send you the file!  You can print them on cardstock, send them to costco to be made into canvases or glossy prints, or print as an iron-on or onto fabric.  So many options, right?!  

Check them out.  The best part is that I can make you any color combo you want.

I will be adding the boy version to the shop this week, but since a little baby girl is growing inside me, I have girl on the brain!

xoxo Jenny


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