{My Week in Cell Pics}

I am linking up with Jeanette over at Life Rearranged today to share my week with you in cell phone pics.

Attempting to capture gorgeous ocean sunsets when leaving school at the much-too-late hour of 5:30 p.m. A picture doesn’t do it justice and a picture taken with my left hand, through a windshield of a moving vehicle definitely doesn’t do it justice.


Pre-natal yoga started up again!  I love it and I love my new lululemon yoga mat given to me by a dear friend.

My view on the way to yoga. puuuuuuurdy.

I am obsessed with this new yogurt spot in SLO.  How all these yogurt shops coexist and succeed simultaneously, I will never understand.  Perhaps it has to do with being a college town.  Perhaps it has to do with pregnant women who crave citrusy, greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit. mmmmmmmmmmm.

Breakfast date with the hubby on my last weekend before teaching started back up again.  It was delish.  I ate a ton, even though the “one egg” described on the menu turned out to be about 5 eggs.

Entering THIS contest for a free photo shoot.  Vote for us each day through the weekend!

life rearranged


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