{Oh Baby! Week 22}

Two more weeks to viability!

 Look!  You can see my belly from the front now!  Sidenote: I am showing you that I am 22 weeks; I am not throwing up double peace-signs.

I have been thinking about the various milestones that I have to cross in this pregnancy.

My Y shaped uterus has made me much more aware of these milestones than I would have been otherwise.

Did you know that all of the organs are developed by 24 weeks?

Did you know that a baby can survive outside the womb at this time?

Not without struggles, complications, or possible lifelong disabilities, of course.  But, it is still a milestone.

I have another appointment this week.  They keep coming.  Every two weeks is more often than you think!


Baby is just over a pound and about 8 inches long.  Apparently the size of a papaya, but since papaya’s are not a common fruit here and I never eat them, I really can’t visualize that.

Baby is kicking A LOT.  I love it.  Sometimes, I tell hubby that I haven’t felt her kick all day and then moments later I’ll feel a thud from inside.  It’s as if she wants to comfort me and say, “It’s ok, mommy, I’m still here.”

I am waking up to use the restroom about every two hours in the nights.  We’ll see how this affects me now that I am teaching again and waking up before 6 am.  EEK.
My snoogle is officially my snuggle buddy.  Amen for snoogles.

I crave salt and chocolate.  TJ’s chocolate covered pretzels are on my mind.  Oh and citrus.  I am alllll about orange juice and fruit and mango mochi.  Mexican food, as well, is topping my list.  I can’t drive by Taco Bell without salivating.  In fact, I am making tostadas tomorrow.  

Tonight I wanted Polish sausage and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy.  I had to settle for a quick batch of mashed potatoes that I whipped up (after I had already cooked dinner, mind you) with some butter, milk, and sour cream, oh and LOTS of pepper.  I am one of those people who will lick her finger and stick it in the bottom of the preztel bag . .. or popcorn bag . . . or kettle chip bag.  Classy, I know.  

Baby room decorating is in full swing.(Hence this lovely pre-spray painting pic: safety first, safety first).
Registry is almost completed.

Showers are being planned.

We’ve signed up for birthing classes.

We are over half way there folks!

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