{The Gray Hair in the Mirror}

I went in for a trim on Saturday.

So lovely.

A little massage, a shampoo, and a trim.

A trim that required me to stand behind the chair because my hair is getting so long.  Finally. My hair grows at an infinitesimal rate.  It’s quite pathetic.

However, the peace of the blowout portion of my salon visit was interrupted by a glimmering light in the mirror.  What was that shiny item in the mirror that kept catching my eye?

Could it be?  No!  A strand of hair.  Silvery beneath the salon lighting.

I couldn’t look away.  Did the hairdresser see it?  Oh horror of horrors, I am too young for this, I thought.  Oh wait, I am almost 29.  Maybe I’m not too young for this.  Wait, that is even worse!

This was not the first time that this silvery wisp of hair has made an appearance.  I swear I’ve seen it before, but hubby always laughs it off and tells me it isn’t gray.

I haven’t colored my hair in a few years, but perhaps it is something that I will be considering again in the near future.

Baby girl can’t have a gray-haired mama!  Not yet anyway.

I knew this was bound to happen if I didn’t follow my “young mom plan” of being married by twenty-two with my first kid on the way at age 24, followed by a few more children before I reached 30.  No, my plan was postponed by about five years.  

But, give me a thousand silver hairs and the man I married and I am a happy woman.

God’s plan was better.


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