{What I Made Monday}

I am warning you.  I have enough material for {What I Made Monday} to last quite awhile, and I could drag it out nice and long,  but I want to show alllll of it to you.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other projects to share in the upcoming weeks and months as we reorganize our home, create a space for baby girl, and add some new hat color combos to the spring line.

You see, as I mentioned HERE my mom was in town for almost a week to help me with organizing the nursery.  

We tossed, purged, sold, gave away, and sorted through tons of junk that had been cluttering up our extra room for the past year. 

Then we bought spray paint.

Oh, spray paint.  Love of my life.  Food to my soul.  You complete me.

Here is a glimpse into what we spray painted in the course of the week. Notice our professional painting location: the front lawn.  I just spray straight onto the lawn.  After all, we live in a rental and grass grows and the landlord pays people to mow it.  It’ll go away, eventually . . . right?

I just told hubby we were vandalized.  I’m not sure he bought it.

I warn you that there are not many before pictures as I am an impatient driven person who jumps impatiently enthusiastically into jobs without waiting to take before pictures.

You will just have to take my word for it that these spray painted items look muuuuuuuuch better than before.

The best part is that all of this was either already mine, given to me, or purchased for a low price with money I made by selling some items on craigslist! WOO HOO!

My mom found this on major sale at Pier 1.  It was a very pale natural wood color.  You can see that I remembered to take a picture while it was in the middle of being primed. 

 Here it is in white!  I love how the decor pops against the bright white! More on that later.

 Oh, the clock.  The clock.  This garishly gold clock was given to me by my grandparents when I graduated.  It was their tradition, to give everyone a clock.  I think the idea was that it was a timeless gift, something we could keep forever, but this clock just doesn’t go with ANYTHING!  So, I figured if I wasn’t going to use it, I might as well try to improve it.

 BAM!  Whaddya think?

The curtain rod story.  I had no curtain rod.  I wanted an unfinished curtain rod to paint.  Went to Home Depot.  They had nothing of the sort.  

“Hey mom, why don’t we go to TJ Maxx since it is right there, maybe they’ll have something.”

Sauntering down the clearance isle I found a black steel curtain rod.  Price tag?  10 buckaroos.  I had just sold some old shelves for $10 that morning.  Serious Score.

Some bright, happy, yellow spray paint later and Waaa Laaaa. I still need to do a little touch up to fix the mess I made while drilling it into the wall, but hey, not too shabby.

 Dear ugly, cheap ikea or kmart or wherever you were from bookshelf,

You have served me well.  You have resided in my room, in the family room, in the shed, in my classroom, and now in my baby’s room.  I hope you enjoy your new happy shade of sunshine.  

Sincerely, the spray painting addict.



Last, but definitely not least, is this antique stool from my grandma.  She passed away last year and my grandpa has been overly generous in bequeathing some of her many antiques to myself and the other grandchildren.  I did not take a before picture, but it was a dark, antique wood, very pretty, but I wanted to spruce it up a bit for the baby room.  A little sanding, priming, and yellow spray painted grass later, and this is what we have.

{Do you love spray paint as much as me?}

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