{The Date}

Hubby and I went on an afternoon date on New Year’s Eve day.

It was a lovely way to close out 2011.

It was lovely to get out, just the two of us, and spend some quality time together.

First, we drove out to the Embarcadero in Morro Bay for a fish and chips lunch with a view. 

After I looked up the types of fish that pregnant women are allowed to eat of course.The gloriously sunny and 70 degree day made Morro Bay quite pleasant for a typically foggy harbor town.

I drank about 3 gallons of water at lunch. I am SO thirsty lately!

Then, we drove to Morro Rock and had a little Bible time together while gazing out at the long stretch of beach before us.  Someday, I hope to walk the beach from the rock to the cute town of Cayucos.  

A walk on the beach, listening to the roaring waves and breathing in the fresh salty air totally revived my spirits.  It also made me act quite fanciful as I had just finished reading Anne’s House of Dreams and my mind was completely full of their harbor town, their ocean view, and their incessant ramblings on the sand.

We took some bump pictures, of course.

Then, it was back to town in the dying light for a quick stop for coffee (to keep the hubs awake til midnight and decaf for me to trick myself into thinking that I was energized enough to stay up til midnight) and a wander through Costco.

Once home, we created the most awesome husband and wife donut assembly line ever!  See THIS post for the recipe.

The evening was spent among friends, playing games and chatting, as we ushered out 2011 and welcomed a new year.

A year that is bound to be full of change, wonder, and learning.

As we snuggled down for the night we talked of our goals and hopes for this new year.

All in all it was a lovely date.

{What are your 2012 goals?}

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