{What I Made Monday}

The etsy shop is updated with various styles, color, combos, sizes, and even headbands and coffee cozies!

Go ahead and peruse the shop.  See anything you like?

I am in the throes of making hats that were sold on veryjane.com last week and a few cozies that were recently ordered.

Then, it will be on to sewing for the baby room and making tiny sized headbands out of re-purposed jersey fabric for our sweet little girl. Updates to come!

Today, in addition to the shop update, I have a delicious and super easy recipe (if you can call it that).  Hubs and I went to a New Year’s/Going Away party and I took donuts.  I remember making these as a kid.  So simple, and yet so satisfying!

Someday I will aspire to making the dough from scratch, but I went easy peasy on this one.  We had a short amount of time.  It was so fun setting up our assembly line and “cooking” together.  It was also fun seeing the bowl of donuts emptied in a short amount of time at the party.

Here’s how it works:

Fill a deep pan or a pot with about two inches or so of cooking oil. Heat on medium.

Use either homestyle, buttermilk, or butter biscuits (you can use Pillsburry, but I always buy the cheap/generic brand).

Make a hole in the center.  I don’t actually remove any dough when I do this, but you can do so and then make donut holes as well!

Place the biscuits in the oil.  Cook approximately 30 seconds on each side or until golden brown (use metal tongs to turn).

 Check out the bump under my apron!

Place on a paper towel and blot.

Roll in a bowl of cinnamon and sugar.  


The total cost of making 40 small sized donuts was less than $4!

We plan on making this a New Year’s Eve tradition and adding more toppings to our repertoire.

{What is your favorite donut topping?}

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