{Oh Baby! 20 Weeks}

Baby girl has been active lately. Hubby says she is hyper like her mama; I’m not sure who is referring to. ahem.

She surprised me two nights before Christmas with a strong kick.  I was in awe.  The tears fell freely.

I can now recognize her movements, kicks, and flips quite easily and daddy is fascinated by them.  He is probably not as fascinated with them when I wake him up at four in the morning to feel her.  

The craziest/coolest part is actually watching my stomach move from the force.

How can someone only the size of a 7 inch 11 oz banana be so strong?  By a miracle, that is how.

With the second trimester has come more energy, which translates into sculpt classes, step classes, and hiking.  It feels so good to be exercising again.  It also feels sore, since I resided on the couch for the majority of my first trimester, but a good kind of sore, with only a twinge of guilt at my previous laziness.

With the second trimester has also come a big jump in weight gain.  Hence, my extreme appreciation at being able to exercise once again. Phew.  I admit, it is hard to not freak out a little when I see the scale reaching numbers that I have never seen before.  It is hard not to immediately think of eating less and exercising more.  

I know it is ok.  I really don’t mind gaining weight for the sake of my baby’s health.  It is just so counter intuitive.  My doctor has not commented on my weight once, so I am assuming it is ok. I am assuming that second breakfast, second lunch, and second dinner, are totally appropriate at this time.

Frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the need for a Snoogle have also been added to my nightly routines.  What is a snoogle you ask?  Not to be confused with a Snuggie, although I sometimes become confused and refer to it as a Snoogie, it is a body pillow for pregnant folk.  The night back pains had begun and that is how a Snoogle entered my life.  I still wake up with some back pain, but much less frequently, and my dear Snoogle helpe me find a comfy position in which to drift off.  It was love at first sight for Snoogle and me.

I am in full-fledged maternity garb mode and I sorta love it.  I love that I am noticeably pregnant.  Perhaps I am vain.  I am proud of my bump.  Proud that I will be a mama soon.  Proud to be carrying a miracle within me.  I want the world to know.  Bring on the tight-fitting maternity tops!


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