{Baby Update: Week 19}

And here she is! 

We are so excited to be having a sweet little girl!  Her two boy cousins will have a blast adding a little girl to their group.  

Hubby is hoping for a mini version of me.

I always thought I’d want a boy first.  I think this stems from being the oldest and always wanting a protector. I also have no sisters and two nephews.  

However, I can’t imagine anything other than a girl.  I desire nothing other than a girl.  

Be forewarned that I am not a huge fan of pink.  I am very particular about the shades and styles of pink that I allow in my home.

I own two pink pieces of clothing.  One is a hot pink dress from my 21st birthday that I can’t bear to get rid of.  The other is a peachy pink dress from my rehearsal dinner.  It barely qualifies as pink.  My version of pink baby beanies in my shop is really more of a coral.

I am all about girly headbands and patterns and adorable clothes, but I definitely prefer a funkier style over a frilly one.

Our little girl will definitely be helping daddy with car projects.  I mean that is what I grew up doing: wearing my cheer uniform at the football games and doing high kicks, then coming home to throw on grungees and get dirty under a car.

You’ll get a sneak peek at my pinterest baby board soon to see what I am dreaming of for baby girl.

Can’t wait to meet her.  So rapturously happy.


2 thoughts on “{Baby Update: Week 19}

  1. That is really so exciting! I really hope to meet you soon and congratulate you and Scott in person. I've always pictured Scott with a girl-don't have a clue why. But I'm so excited for you both! You make the cutest stuff for girls so that'll be fun to see what you think up for your little one 🙂

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