{What I Made Monday: Commitments}

I have been making: hats, gifts, cookies, and more.
But, it is the commitments I am making that stand out in my mind.
Today, in A Wife After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George I read the chapter on “Tending Your Career”.  It was all about priorities. It was reassuring and convicting at the same time.
It reassured me that, as a Christian, not considering my career as a teacher my first priority is not only ok, but good. I know teaching is a high calling and I endeavor to do my best while at school, but it does not consume me.  I would rather vacuum, cook, and make clothing for our coming baby.  I had felt guilty about this, but it is right and good.  My priorities should be God, Husband, Children, Home, Serving, and then my work.  I am committing to hold to that.
Then, I saw a link for this on facebook.
I'm Joining the 31DBBS Challenge
I joined.  I made the commitment.
Not, that my hubby needs to be changed or anything, I just want to be more purposeful in prayer for him.  I want to build this habit.
I have also purposed to build better cleaning habits during these three weeks off.  It is so difficult to manage cleaning and laundry and cooking and a handmade business and quality time with the hubs when I don’t get home until 5 and am exhausted by 9.
Lastly, I am doing a handmande business overhaul this break.  With three weeks off I can focus on the shop, blog, and record-keeping procedures of my business.  My littlest bro (who is 23, so not really little at all, although I refuse to admit it) just graduated from college with a business degree and has been hounding me with questions and suggestions for my business.  Isn’t he awesome?
So, there you have it.  Maybe I should consider these resolutions, but I never seem to stick to those.  These are the commitments of my heart.  Here they are for the world to see, so keep me accountable if you are so inclined.
{What commitments are you making?}

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