{Christmas Cheer}

The Christmas season is in full swing.  
Exhibit A:  All dressed up for a Winter Wonderland Party.  A Party that specified the colors we were allowed to wear.  A party that did not allow for black dresses when all nice maternity dresses are black.  A party that I bought a stretchy, white non-maternity dress for.  A party that half the people, including the hostess, wore black to.  All in all, I love the dress.  However, it’ll probably only fit for another month.  If I am lucky.


Exhibit B:  Decorating our mini-tree.  I bought this tree three years ago when I was dating hubby and I lived alone in a tiny apartment.  It sat on our front porch for Christmas last year while we decorated a big ol’ tree for our first Christmas.  This year, we brought the lil’ guy back in for some love.  He needs it.  He was turning brown.
Shopping for gifts is almost complete.
I loooooove Christmas shopping.  I typically come up with ideas WAY in advance.  This year, however, was difficult.
There were a few people whose names generated genius ideas within me, but others left me stuck, including my very own hubby.
I think I gave such awesome gifts the past three years, that I hit a wall.  Or maybe it’s pregnancy brain.  Or maybe both.
You see, I enjoy surprising people.  I enjoy thinking of something they’d love on my own, without their input.  Usually this works superbly, except with my brother who sends out an excel spreadsheet of his desires.  I still try to throw him a curve ball every now and then anyway.
So, today, I was ecstatic when a genius idea hit me for the hubs.  OOOOOO I am excited.  He will still be receiving the gift that he will most likely know about already, but there will also be a surprise! Yipee.  I can rest at ease. Phew.
I have one more brother and a 3 month old nephew left to conquer.  Watch out world, I’m ready to shop!
{How do you Christmas Shop?}
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