{What I Made Monday}

This should really be a {What WE Made Monday} post, since hubby played a major role in this project.
Nothing new was technically created, but we rearranged our family room.
I have been eager to do this since we first discovered we were expecting a baby.
I have been working the jigsaw puzzle of our small two bedroom and all of our furniture and added baby items in my head for awhile now.
One solution seemed to be rearraging our family room.
Hubby was wary.  After all, he did not rearrange his room on a monthly basis like I did as a teen.   Is anyone else with me on this?  I loved helping my mom rearrange as well.  Something about the freshness of a new layout is always so rewarding.
We are ecstatic with the results. (don’t mind our semi-dead Christmas tree).
 Ummmm . . . the giant pile of cords has since been organized.
 some rearranging of the gallery wall may be necessary.
 You can totally see the strip of carpet that was most tread upon in the last arrangement.
 The antique desk was a gift from my grandma when I was a little girl.  Not sure if I have the heart to paint it.
It is so open, and we even brought in a desk from the room that will become the baby’s room.  Somehow there is more furniture and it looks less cluttered.
All we want to do is lounge on the couch now. Doesn’t that couch corner look inviting?
I especially love my desk nook.
Previously that desk nook was wasted space, as was the space under the windows.  Moving the couch to the opposite wall opened up a lot more space.
Now we are ready for a crawling or toddling wee one, although we still have some time before that.
There are a few more changes that will be made to this room:
1. something over the wall behind the cozy couch corner
2. a new t.v. cabinet (thrifted, I hope)
3. The ottoman as our “coffee table”
4. A painted and re-upholstered vintage chair
All in all I am extremely pleased.
In fact, I am typing from my desk nook as we speak and it is preventing me from leaving on time for pre-natal yoga.
Gotta run!
Happy rearranging!

2 thoughts on “{What I Made Monday}

  1. i love your living room! love the ottman as coffee table plan – we are going without a coffee table at the moment for the sake of elizabeths noggin 🙂 we also had to rearrange to make the best “sight path” – before i couldn't see over the couch from the kitchen, but now I can keep an eye on her while I cook! ah, so fun. I LOVE your couch btw, it is sooo pretty!

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