{What I Made Monday}

We are getting in the holiday spirit in the Nanninga home.
This is much easier to do, now that the temps have finally dropped below 70 here.  In fact, when I went outside to leave today, I literally paused in the doorway in shock.  There was frost on the ground.  Actual frost!  
My husband was very happy for me because I had explained to him how in Northern California we have frost, which looks like snow when it covers the grass and rooftops. I may have had said it in a “here is yet another reason why NOR CAL is better” sort of way.
I, on the other hand, was not so happy.  How could the central coast do this to me?!  Tell me it has mild winters and then deliver frost?  I was not prepared to spend 15 minutes defrosting my car.  Or, more like spend 15 minutes watching hubby hose down my windows and scrape the ice off with a towel.  We don’t have ice scrapers here, peeps.  Like I said: Central California.

 Anyway.  Despite the typically mild winters, I love to decorate for the season.
Growing up, my home was awash in Christmas decor from December first through New Year’s.  I always loved helping decorate.  The mantel, Christmas Village, and Nativity were my favorites.
Nowadays, my decorating schemes have a much more handmade bent.  Last year, I decorated very traditional: big tree, green and red, a rustic wreath, etc.  This year I am changing things up a bit.  My decorating style is sort of like my clothing style: I don’t have one.  One day I am a hippy and the next a prep.  I am a woman of mystery,  what can I say.
Back to decorating.  I think our family room is going to be a bit of a “Disco Christmas” theme.  Oh yes, you read that correctly.  It all began when I found these three sparkly wreaths at goodwill. 
I had to use them!  However, I couldn’t have the pink and blue shimmery circles of delight next to your standard red and green garland, now could I?  I couldn’t hang that burlap banner I was planning to make.
So, I decided to go for it.  Disco Christmas: All out.  I’m not done, but here is what I have managed thus far.

Sequin trees on the piano and end table.  These were so easy.  I bought foam trees and hot glued sequin fabric to it.  Seriously, that was it.  I hung the wreaths with leftover fabric.  

Garland of glittery cards from Christmases past.
Next, I plan to make a sign inspired by the ones I dream of from red letter words.  Then, the tree will be decorated.  Next, the kitchen will be adorned with more traditional decor.
I may even make new stockings now that I actually know how to sew!
I couldn’t completely resist my love of natural decor.  Hence the pincecones, and a semi-glittery grapevine wreath on the door from last year.

{How are you decorating this year?}

One thought on “{What I Made Monday}

  1. 13 trees (ranging in size from 24″ to 7')
    18 Nativities (ranging from a teeny .5″ set to a set from the Philippines that has figures up to 8″)
    lots of lights (white and colored)

    hopefully a garland of Christmas cards from friends!

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