{It Looks Like This}

My life looks a little like this right now.

   And this.
And this.
And this.
And this.
Because of this.

Hence the silence around the blog this week.
MONDAY I worked all day and then came home to do laundry, tidy up, and crochet.
TUESDAY I worked and then coached a cheer practice and then stayed at school until late with the cheerleaders for their first basketball game of the season.  Go Panthers.  Then I crocheted. I crocheted amongst friends, however, which was lovely.
WEDNESDAY I worked.  I had a meeting.  I came home and crocheted, and sewed, and crocheted, and hot glued.  We ordered take out.  I made hubby my new assistant.
THURSDAY I will work and then run homework club, and attend a meeting, and coach cheer practice, and set up for THE STITCH MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo.
I would say, that I can relax after that, but I know better.
See ya at the Market!

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