{The Simple Things}

It is always the simple things that remind me of how very much I love my husband.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know I love him . . . ALL THE TIME.  However, there are those moments when I look at him and think, WOW.  There are some moments where I truly ponder and dwell on thoughts of how much I love this man that God has blessed me with.  There are so many reasons why, but sometimes it is merely the simple things.

Things like destroying playing him at Sequence on a card table in our entryway while drinking hot cocoa.

Or, maybe it was the fact that we had some cleaning to do and when I asked if we could play a “motivating game of Sequence while drinking motivating cups of Cocoa, ” he said, “Sure!”

Then there are things like when my finger, which I sliced the other night, hits something and starts bleeding again at the church Thanksgathering dinner without a band aid in sight.  Hubby, takes the edging from the name tag sheet, wraps my finger in a piece of napkin and uses the sticky strip of paper as a makeshift bandaid.  My hero.

There are always the BIG things that he does: providing for me, going on adventurous vacations with me, taking me on dates.  Those little things speak volumes, though.  They are the everyday moments where he shows me love without conscious effort.  

This Thanksgiving, and every one until eternity, I am oh so thankful the husband God has given me.


One thought on “{The Simple Things}

  1. i love that my husband can always get everything to fit in the car, can motivate me to work out, can calm me down when i am anxious and can fix things like stroller tires that kept going flat 🙂

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