{What ‘We’ Made Monday and a Baby Update}

We received a free crib!
Hooray for freebies!
It needs a little cleaning up, but it is totally cute.
I think hubby felt totally cool and manly hauling a crib in his truck.
We brought the crib through the front door and cleared a spot for it in the back room, soon to be referred to as the baby room.
Then, we lifted the crib and headed through the hall doorway.
It didn’t fit.
We turned it sideways.
It didn’t fit.
We turned it on end.
It didn’t fit.
I exhausted my non-mathematically inclined brain in an attempt to solve the puzzle.  This puzzle, however, was unsolvable.  The crib was too big.
So, the crib sat in our entry.
Thanks to a rainy Sunday afternoon, we were able to disassemble the crib. Carefully.  There were no instructions.  Thanks to the fact that we own a plethora of screwdrivers and allen wrenches, we were able to work in tandem and undo that bad boy in short order.
Through the door and into the room we went.  Screws went back in. A few adjustments were made, and then, the moment of truth.  Did we put it back together correctly?
Wa-La!  We did!
Can you see my itty bitty bump?
I have enough of a baby bump now that someone who didn’t know I was pregnant realized that I was, and that people have been saying mind-blowing things like, “You have a bump!”
I want a bump.  I want a big bump.  Hubby doesn’t get it.  I explained it like this:
“I don’t want my body to be big, I want my bump to be big!”
Makes sense, right?  I am proud to be pregnant. I have waited for this a long time and I want to enjoy it all!
I am totally in the “I need to wear a tight shirt or else I look pudgy” phase.  I’ll need a good one for my first pre-natal yoga class tonight, so people believe that I am actually pregnant!
Bring on the bump! I am sooooo ready.

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