{Why everything is better in Mason Jars}

I posted this picture on Monday.

I posted this picture with no explanation or caption.  But, it got me thinking.
Everything is better in a Mason Jar.
In this case, it was leftover Wassle (Cider for most folks).
Why is leftover Cider better in Mason jars you ask?
1. It’s cute.
2. When you send some home with your brother, he can take it in the car and even if it tips over, it won’t spill.
3. It’s vintage-y
4. When you want to pour some, you can shake it up without it spraying everywhere.
5. Did I mention it’s cute?
6. All the cool people like mason jars.
Seriously, folks, aside from cider, there is so much you can do with mason jars.
Use them for canning, for serving beverages, for holding pens or paperclips, as vases, as votives, to fill with cookie or pancake or tea mix as gifts. 

Have you seen the individual cakes some people bake in mason jars?  Adorable, right? Seriously, just search mason jars on Pinterest and you will have a glimpse into the wonder of mason jar lore. 

Everything is better in Mason jars.

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