{The Wonderful World of Potatoes}

Potatoes.  I love them.  Especially since pregnancy.  The starchy, salty goodness warms my tummy and my heart.
Oh, and potatoes are cheapskie.  On a budget, make potatoes!
Here are some of my favorite potato side dishes:
1. I am eating scalloped potatoes as we speak.  By mixing flour, milk, eggs, cheese, and some spices to pour over chopped potatoes you can have a delicious dish of potato-ey goodness.  Oh and bacos sprinkled on top? mmm mmm good.
2. Good ol’ mashed.  Someday I will try Pioneer Woman’s sinful looking mashed recipes, but for now I chop and boil (no potato peeling for this cook) mash ’em up with some milk, butter, salt ‘n’ peppa and you’re good to go!
3. Yukon Gold potato salad.  Boiled potatoes with a mayonaise, dijon, mustard, white wine vingar, and spice mix are delicious when served as a cold.
4. Grandpa Jim’s potatoes.  This mixture of smashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and ranch dressing is TO DIE FOR!  In fact, I think I will make some next week.  In fact, I think I want to squirt some ranch on my scalloped potatoes.  Hold on. yup. delish.  Oh and bacon should probably be a part of this recipe.  Bacon should be a part of most recipes.
5. Potato wedges.  Slice potatoes into wedges.  Place on a cookie sheet or in a casserole dish. cover with extra virgin olive oil, some pepper, and some chili powder.  WARNING:  Make sure it is chili powder and not cayenne pepper. trust me. Unless you like crying while you eat and drinking enough water to fill a swimming pool.
6. Trusty Baked Potatoes.  I fill ’em with whatever sounds good.  Broccoli or zuchinni.  Cheese, but of course.  Bacon, sour cream, tomato, salsa.  The possibilities are endless.
7. Potato Souffle.  I don’t remember all the ingredients off the top of my head, but I am pretty sure it involved mashed potatoes and sour cream.  Or is it cream cheese?  It gets baked in the oven and we eat it every year at thanksgiving and it is scrumptious.  Must. Find. Recipe.
8. roasted red potatoes.  Chop.  Cover in olive oil and spices of your choice.  Dill, rosemary, sage . . .  BAKE! 
9. To try soon: homemade hash browns made by grating potatoes and frying or baking.
10. Sweet potato versions of any of the above are also good.
I hope you’re hungry!
{What is your favorite potato dish?}

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