{Worth theWait: A Wedding Story Part III}


The whole pregnancy whirlwind sort of threw me off the wedding recap track.  Here is a look at some of the details of our wedding.

With under three months to plan and a small budget, we did everything ourselves.
Programs:  Paint sticks were spray-painted and cardstock/scrapbook paper was adhered to make fans.

Favors: Sunflower (one of my main flowers at the wedding) seeds were purchased and an applicable verse was attached.

Beverages:  No alcohol was present, so individual-sized martinelli’s were purchased from Cash and Carry.  I used some Martha Stewart printables to create a personalized label. I loved this.

Getaway:  We purchased sparklers in bulk online.  It was beautiful and so fun.
Decor:  Thrift stores were our friends.  We purchased vintage looking candelabras, milk glasses, and mason jars galore.  I bought brown gingham fabric and my friends sewed table runners. We bought cheap silver frames and put pics of hubby and I in them for the tables.  We made table names out of scrapbook cardstock and used vintage lettering stamps to write the names of our favorite places on them.
The Photo Booth:  Pixel Perfect was SO CHEAP!  We used my old desk and a friend’s typewriters for writing the messages that would go with the photo booth images.
Here is a wedding planning tip: Borrow and buy used!  Renting is soooooo expensive.
There you have it; one year and approximately one month after our wedding, a full recap. 
Now, it is on to planning for baby!  Oh, and the bajillion baby showers I will help plan for all my pregger friends!

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