{The Baby Diaries: WEEK 13}

Week 13 is here.
Baby is the size of a peach an continuing to grow.
I am gradually starting to feel better.  The energy is slow in coming, but the appetite is in full swing.  
I gained a pound and a half. WOO HOO!
We still aren’t sure if our little one is a he or she, but will be finding out in a month’s time.  We can’t wait.  I can’t wait to go buy a little outfit for our sweet sweet baby.
After our last ultrasound, we received some more specifics on baby and baby’s home for the next 7 months.
I was aware that I might have a bicornuate utereus.  This was confirmed.  My uterus is shaped somewhat like a Y.  Baby is hanging out on the right side, while the left side is empty.  It is sort of like carrying twins, but with only one baby.  I just hope I don’t grow a lopsided prego belly.  I so want a cute prego belly!
So, what does this all mean?  Well, it means that I will have a lot more ultrasounds than the average person as they regularly check my cervix.  It means there is a higher risk for pre-term labor.  It means that baby may not have room to turn around and could be breeched, resulting in a C-Section.
How am I feeling about all of this?  O.K.  The doctors have assured me that they have seen this before and although there may be some high risks, baby should be fine.  However, I long for a normal delivery.  I long for a full-term baby.  I want a chance to look pregnant before this whole experience is over.  I want a baby shower BEFORE the baby comes.  I want maternity photos.  I want everything to be normal.
However, that may not be what God has for me.  I wanted to get married young and it turned into 27 years old.  I wouldn’t trade it though.  Ultimately, I want my baby to be healthy and to be in my arms.  That is what really matters.
Pray for us.

One thought on “{The Baby Diaries: WEEK 13}

  1. Look how cute that little nugget is!! On the bright side of it…you get to see the growth of that cutie more often. I have my big ultrasound this week…where most find out the sex and all the baby body parts are examined. And, if all goes well, won't see it again until its out of me!
    Lots of prayers for a perfect pregnancy, my dear.
    P.S. WHo knew week 13 would be the lucky number…but it was for me too. Glad you are feeling better. Get out and take a 5 min walk to help get energy…that always helped me.

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