{That time I sold 50 custom hats}

Remember when I sold 50 hats on VeryJane?

Did I mention they were custom?  Specific sizes?  Specific color combos?

As in made to order, one by one. 

Ya.  I don’t think I really thought that one through.

I am hoping to finish up my orders this week.  The deal began the last week of September. 

That equals one month of crocheting every. single. day.

One month of neglecting household duties, budgets, coupons, books I wish I could read, and returning phone calls to friends, oh and working out. Where is my gym again?

I did not forsee the other order that would come in at the same time that my deal was posted.  I did not forsee the boutique that I would be a part of.  I did not forsee that This Little Fishy in Avila Beach would request 16 more hats.  (I only gave her 10).

I also did not forsee that I would be pregnant, and, subsequently, sick, nauseous, exhausted, and emotional.

P.S. peeps, I work full time.  As in 7:30 – 3:30 contractually.  This translates to more like 7 – 4 on some days and 7 – 4:30 on others.  Without a real lunch break, either.

So, you will sympathize with me, then, when I show you my “craft/guest room”.


However, this is the sign of progress.  This is the light at the end of the tunnel.  This is H – O – P – E.

Maybe I won’t cry my pregnant self to sleep tonight while telling my hubby that “I just can’t do it,” as he strokes my hair and whispers, “Good thing God can.”

Wish me luck y’all!

{Have you ever been overwhelmed as a result of over committing yourself?}


2 thoughts on “{That time I sold 50 custom hats}

  1. All three of the hats you made for me were HUGE hits. When I told people they were made by my favorite former babysitter they were even more special. Thank you!!

    P.S. Everything you're feeling is normal–including the frustration of finding the right home and the right vehicle. God understands.

    P.P.S. I hope that lucky man you married never gets used to you. Your enthusiasm about the wonders of creation should always come to him as a refreshing surprise.

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