{The Baby Diaries: Almost week 12}

I am sooo looking forward to the increased energy and ability to eat normal foods rather than just wanting pickles one minute, banana splits at others (like now), and chicken bouillon when I can’t eat anything else.
Let’s hope that it actually happens for me.  Fingers crossed?
Oh, it would also be nice to not cry so often, eh.  I realize that I am not the first pregnant woman to experience these things, and I won’t be the last, but it is no picnic.  
Oh, it is so worth it, though.  It would just be nice if I could go through all of it without having to work ten hour days (before I get home and begin my work as a wife, that is).
The current baby focus, since it is too early to buy clothes or decorate the room, is a car.
A car for a baby.  
A safe car.
A car with four doors.
A car with good storage in the back for strollers and diapers and toys.
A car with good gas mileage.
You know.  ’cause hubby has a single-cab truck and I have a classic Mustang.  You get the picture.
Would it be too much to ask for a car that looks cool?  I mean, after all, I am accustomed to a classic mustang.  Accustomed to receiving thumbs up’s from old men on the road, getting waves from young boys in their’ stangs, talking to former ‘stang owners at gas stations.  I’m not sure that a small SUV will bring those same reactions.  
I can picture it now.  
“Hey, check out my  5-seater mom car.” (Insert small child crying in the background and cheerios flying through the window).
“Ummmm nice.”
“Check out the four doors and the computerized engine. Awesome, right?”
“Ya, sure” (insert man rushing quickly back to his 2-seater convertible as he observes the other 15 cars, just like mine, that are filling up their tanks.).
 Ya. I’m back in reality.  No worries. I think it was this episode that inspired me.
Sounds like an easy task, right? Finding a family car? Go buy a Honda CR-V or a Ford Escort.  
That would be an easy fix if we had loads of money.  However, the loads somehow passed us by.
Onward with the used car search! Charge!

One thought on “{The Baby Diaries: Almost week 12}

  1. My mom car its way cooler than my old car, but I still love it. It will be nice to have a comfy, easy to load, safe car for that new little bundle.
    I'll get you a dream catcher for the window of your new Mom SUV and get some lightening bolt decals and it will be fine 🙂 Ashley turned me on to that show…its pretty funny.
    P.S. You'll feel better soon, give it one or two more weeks girl.

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