{What I’m Missing}

This fall, I am missing color.

Vibrant color.

Greens that seem almost neon in hue.

Reds, Oranges, and Yellows that fascinate and tantilize the eye.

Here is it brown.  Maybe more like grey?  I am not sure what to call it. 

I miss the variety.  I miss the smell of fall.  I miss the crisp feel of the air and the need for scarves in November.

True, there is something to be said for a mild climate.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  Always the same.  Pleasant, I suppose.

But, I relish the change.  I thrive on the scenery.  It makes me feel alive.  That crisp air rejuvenates my spirit.  Those colors refresh my soul.

I suppose my uprbringing made me that way.

When you grow up surrounded by such things, you crave them.  they become part of you. 

Soon.  As the Holidays draw nearer.  Soon, I will get my fix.  I will visit the place that rejuvenates and refreshes me. 

And how lovely it will be.


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