{The Day I Fell in Love With My Food Processor}

I own a food processor.  
One of the many accouterments I was rewarded for getting married.
It is lovely.
However, I don’t use it very often.
OK, Literally. In the past 6 months, all I did with it is make Hummus.
Which was good, by the way.
But, I was sort of skeptical about the whole thing.  I mean what is it actually for?  What happened to all those recipes I saw that required food processors.
Then, I saw it.  The pioneer woman grated cheese with it.  This was mind blowing.
Grating cheese is probably my least favorite meal prep activity.
Seriously.  It stinks.
Attempting to hold the block of cheese (especially those giant Costco ones) while holding down a grater.  Serious arm work out.  Besides.  I am only 5′ 1″, which doesn’t exactly provide me with the same amount of leverage that most people have.
So, yesterday, as I prepared to make tostadas, I pulled out the food processor.  
Then, I couldn’t find the directions to know which blade to use.  One of the blades looked like a cheese grater, but c’mon, that was waaaaay too obvious.  So, I googled instructions.  
Once, the blade was in place, I attempted to turn the processor on.  Nothing.  I tried another way.  Nothing.  Then another. Nothing.
I found the manual.
The lid was in the wrong position.
Go me.
Once all was ready and I held a small chunk of cheese in my hand, I dropped it in and turned that baby on.  
.01 seconds later it was grated, sitting in orange glory at the bottom of the processor.

My jaw dropped.  Actually dropped.  Full on cartoon style jaw dropping.  I grated more, and more.  I could have done the whole block of cheese, but we didn’t need that much.
I think I will read that manual now and start food processing anything and everything I can.
I love my food processor.
{What is your favorite kitchen tool?}

One thought on “{The Day I Fell in Love With My Food Processor}

  1. oo jealous. i too despise grating cheese. i actually have had two recipes this month call for a food processor (which I do not have) so i use my little slap-chopper-thingy. it worked pretty good 🙂 my favorite tool… maybe my rice cooker?

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