{The Baby Diaries: Week 10}

10 weeks is here and it is everything I was promised and more.
Exhaustion?  Check!
Cue me haphazardly flung on the couch, my days of working out a distant memory, eyelids closing during 6th period yearbook class, and that pretty much sums up my exhaustion level.
Emotional?  Check!
Tears result from being exhausted, worried, happy, seeing a baby anywhere and everywhere, and for no apparent reason at all.
Hungry? Check check!
Do you have any idea how devastating it was when I read that no extra calories are necessary until the second trimester?  And even then, only 300 calories are needed. About what is in a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of mik?  My dreams of “eating for two” went up in smoke!
However, that has not stopped me from satisfying my cravings.
Driving two exits past my work for a McDonals’s hash brown?  You betcha.
Pickles straight from the jar? Delish!
Cheetos in bed at ten p.m.? But of course!
It is all about salt these days! But, don’t worry.  I am adding in plenty of dairy, grain, protein, fruits, and vegetables. Oh and gingerale. And 7up. And triple berry pie from Avila Barn.
Craving are bad, but what is worse is craving something you can NOT have.  Like a big delcious deli sandwhich. No deli meat allowed. Tragic.  Or, a spinach feta wrap from Starbizzio and a steak cobb from Firestone.  No feta. Boo Hoo.
It is all worth it in the end though, isn’t it.  I would sacrifice anything for this baby.  My coffee (It has been ten weeks without a drop of caffeine), my favorite foods, my body (no ab workouts?)
So, so worth it, little one.
And now I am crying again. Sheesh!
P.S. This picture is making me sick to look at because it it is currently 94 degrees outside and probably 93 inside.  Note, that picture is from 5 days ago.  Talk about a weather change!

3 thoughts on “{The Baby Diaries: Week 10}

  1. Hey Jenny! Congratulations on the beebee! Oh yay! I think I've read your blog before but back when you were first married…anyways, I found it again!!! 🙂 Fun to see the “progression” with being pregnant and all. And seriously…no caffeine??? I thought it was ok to have one cup of caffeinated coffee a day. My friend did half-caf…so she got to have 2 cups. I don't know how you did it! 🙂 Anyways, congrats again and cute blog!

  2. so so so happy for you. God is totally teaching me about how sacrifices I make for my baby glorify Him. (Mainly the sacrificing the body image part). I know eventually my body will go back to (somewhat) normal as will my diet, but for now I try to keep that same good attitude you have – WORTH IT 🙂
    you will hear SOOO many different ideas on what you should or should not do/eat/drink while preggo (and then while breastfeeding too!) everyone is totally well intentioned so just take a deep breath, talk it over with your hubby and your doctor and then perfect your “smile and nod” technique 🙂
    I kept a fairly strict diet during the first trimester… and then it went out the window once we were past the “scary stage”. But I am no role-model by any means so just hang in there!
    Oo, one piece of advice I am willing to put out there: get one of those ridiculous body/prenancy pillows ASAP. I went WAY too many sleepless nights before figuring out I needed pillows on BOTH sides of me to be comfy. Can't believe no one told me that sooner!

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